Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of the trip?
2012 Dates TBD.

How many people go on each trip?
We are planning on eleven to twelve volunteers on each 2012 trip.. 

How much does the trip cost?
2012 volunteer fees TBD.

Is there any way to defray the cost for volunteers?
Yes! The easiest way for volunteers to defray the cost to them is by personal fundraising. We will be planning fundraising events for the Fall 2011 Semester and will have scholarships available.

What sites will you be working at and what will you be doing?
2012 Sites TBD.

Who is eligible to go on a Winter Outreach service trip? How can I join?
Winter Outreach is open to all Boston University full-time undergraduates willing to provide a much-needed service over Winter Intercession. Students who are studying abroad in the Spring are welcome to come as long as their program begins after we return (January 15). Students abroad in the fall are eligible to participate, but they will miss important events including fundraising and orientation leading up to our trips; these students will need to be in close contact with the Executive Board up to the time the trips leave in order to ensure full participation. To join, fill out our online application which will be available by then end of October 2011.

When will I hear about my application status?

The Executive Board will be reading applications on sometime in November 2011. We will post a specific date as we enter the Fall Semester.

How many applications are you expecting? Will I be able to go on my first-choice trip?
In terms of application volume, making an estimate is very difficult. The Executive Board will try to ensure that as many volunteers participate in their first choice trip as possible. If we have more applications than spots available, we will be fill trips based primarily upon timing of submission; the earlier you submit your application the better. Applications will be posted sometime in the Fall 2011 Semester. The best way to keep up with Winter Outreach developments is by following us on Twitter.

Is there a deposit required to apply? When is the total cost of the trip due?
There is no deposit required when applying to Winter Outreach. The due date for 2012 trips TBD. 

Please note: Failure to deposit the entire participation fee by the set deadline jeopardizes the Executive Board's ability to accommodate you in the program. Students applying for scholarships will be notified of a different, specific deadline upon receipt of their applications.